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Springside Mini Art Festival
Springside Mini Art Festival


Friday 3rd October-Thursday 9th October 2008 at 162 Fountainbridge

Springside Mini Art Festival Project is grass root small community art event, which is aiming to encourage both local children and parents to be involved creative activities. This time, we invited Japanese Calligraphy artist Ransyu.
The project involves the various artists based on Edinburgh, especially the area surrounding The Meadows, the most diverse area in Edinburgh,
Fun and relaxing for both parents and children!

Get Creative, Get Fixed, & Get Involved

Event Table

Fri 3rd October-Thu 9th October 12:00-17:00 Breaking Waves-The art exhibition by 5 Japanese Artists admission free
In between the tradition and innovation, past and presence, society and individual,,,This is the exhibition by 5 Japanese artists in different media, living in different places; in Tokyo, Milan and Edinburgh, telling story of their life and future.

Fri 3rd October 14:00-17:00 Experience Shodo-Japanese Calligraphy workshop by Ransyu £4 adult/£2 children 3+ Don’t miss the chance to experience Japanese calligraphy workshop given by one of the top calligraphy artist from Japan. Use alphabet,use your imagination. You can write(more like drawing though) on the paper, textile, make a fan, make T-shirt,,,its the fun session for both kids and adult.

Sat 4th October 14:00-16:00 The Crescent Moon Bear-Story Telling by art therapist Nicola Rhiry £5 per adult/children 5+(children free for charge) Art therapist Nicola tells you amazing story from Japan, Free herbal tea and biscuit.Nicola has been working widely for woman and children as an art therapist.You can find more about Nicola's work in Salisbury Centre website.

Sun 5th October 14:00-16:00 East meets West- Live Painting by Ransyu+Komoachi Goto admission free Meet Japanese calligraphy artist Ransyu, collaborate with local artists and musicians. Creating traditional Japanese image with modern influence.

Tue 7th October14:00-17:00 Get Scribble, Boys & Girls! admission free(donations most welcome!) This is drawing competition between boy team and girl team. Work together, and beat your opponent!

And more….
Art Café -supported by local cafes and restaurants. Enjoy organic teas, and muffins. Open during the events on.
Swedish Massage Tester by Brianna Hagerty- Edinburgh’s massage goddess Brianna gives you tester session. Truly Divine! £5 per session

162 Fountainbridge
162 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9RX
Bus: Lothian bus 1,2,34,35
15minute from Edinburgh Waverly Station
5minute from Haymarket Station
For booking space for workshop,email:
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